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This story takes place in the Present Future (10000 - 1M Earth years from now) in a Fading universe-sized world influenced by Imperial Japanese culture.

Customs, traditions, and lore of Macedonian Phalanx military culture dominate the society.

Elements and themes from the video game Final Fantasy VIII are adapted in this story.


This story follows the plot archetype: Revolt.

It is a Third Person Epistolary story about a Child soldier Naval Flight Surgeon during Peace time. This is a wondrous superhero-themed story, with a rhythmic ending.

The piece of technology central to the plot is the Death Belt. This is known to cause General anxiety leading to Adoration.

It is also rumored to allow the user the ability of: Biokinesis.


The main character is a 71-year-old phlegmatic Saudi transgender (man to woman) human with animal abilities, their relationship status is Ex-partners.

In LOVE (relationships) they are sanctimonious. Attracted to: men.
(If adult) Sexual Turn-on: Feet. Sexual Turn-off: Wrists.

LOVE level of importance is 2 - Slightly Important.

At WORK they are reticent.

Occupation: Leader animal breeder.

WORK level of importance is 1 - A little Important.

In SOCIETY they are whimsical.

Primary social environment: Hijacked virtual reality server.

SOCIETY level of importance is 10 - Extremely Important.

Copes with STRESS by Attending a yoga retreat and Blaming others for personal problems.

When threatened their response is Fight.

Their OBJECTIVE is to Instigate a coup to grab power.

Their OPPONENT is a ignorant Mind-Body Problem.

OPPONENT level of importance is 7 - Very Important.

The disaster they face is Living in a world where dreams and reality blend together.

They prioritize LOVE (relationships) over everything.

Resonant element: Mud.


Their name is Anagrammatic name. It starts with [Z].

BODY level of importance is 5 - Important.

Physical build: Elfin


Skin tone: Tan (medium complexion with warm, brown undertones, like tanned skin)

Height: Short

Body Image: Mostly Comfortable

Notable body part: Love handles

Movement style: Skipping

Tone of voice: Cheerful

Language type: Implicit

Language: None - Monolingual (Indigenous Language)

Special skill: Face painting

Clothing style: asymmetrical

Favorite music genre: Bouncy Group Space House


Birthplace: A version of a LAKESIDE in A community threatened by a looming volcano in Comoros

Family birth order: RAISED BY GRANDPARENTS

Mother (Status): ALIVE - SUPPORTIVE. They feel Pensiveness about it.

Father (Status): DECEASED - WAR. They feel Envy about it.


Overall life satisfaction: Lvl 5 - Neutral

Mental health status: Lvl 3 - Depressed

Physical health status: Lvl 5 - Average

Financial health status: Lvl 2 - Struggling


Trauma? Yes - Severe Anxiety Disorder. Age at onset: 58. They feel Resignation about it.

Greatest fear: Addiction

Internal Conflict: Simplicity vs. complexity: Desiring a streamlined life versus engaging with intricacies.

Personal motivation: Productivity

Personal ideology: Virtue Ethicist

Character strength: Tact

Character weakness: Emotional instability

Character secret: I started conflicts between nations that resulted in countless lives lost.


Character fighting style: a tactical style

Character weapon: Miao dao



Mega-archetype: The Herald: Brings the call to adventure

Sub-archetype: The Reluctant Warrior: Prefers peace and avoids conflict, but when pushed, displays unmatched skill and determination in combat. Example: Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings


DESTINY level of importance is 8 - Highly Important.

Their destiny is discovered through A Twist of Fate: The character's path crosses with another destined individual, and a fateful exchange or event intertwines their destined paths..

Their destiny is Discovering a New Passion - A character might uncover a latent talent or passion that reshapes their life's direction, offering them a new purpose..

Age at discovery: 34.

Age destiny achieved: 130.

Death age: 143.

Cause of death: Accidents: Unintentional injuries from various causes..


Knows death age?: knows.

If yes, reacts by Dancing. They feel Unease about it.

Knows death date?: doesn't know.

If yes, reacts by Going on a scenic drive and Planning a massacre. They feel Enchantment about it.

Knows death cause?: knows.

If yes, reacts by Fighting cause with focus on BODY and Taking walks late at night.

They feel strange Contempt about it. Ultimately, they are Lvl 1 - Miserable about their fate.



Time of day: 23:00

Weather: HUMID

Location: A LAKESIDE Botanical garden in Gambia

Physical status: CHILLY while WASHING WINDOWS. Pulse: 74 BPM

Current mood: Amazement about DESTINY (DEATH).

Scene Goal: Focal character needs to uncover during ex-lover.

Emotional Goal: Focal character wants to Give in to their Exasperation.

Phoenix rising from its ashes gets in their way.

It causes rhythmic Burnout, that leads to Unrelenting jealousy.

Scene goal: Character FAILS.

Emotional goal: Character SUCCEEDS and feels Hysteria.

BUT OPPONENT retorts. Focal character knows about it.

This causes LOVE (relationships) to become a captivating natural disaster, leading to a SEQUEL.

Military game-tech fiction:

human stories of military conflict featuring advanced technology told with concepts in video games